An Interview with Wilderness Motorhomes NZ team member Marcel

How long have you been at Wilderness Motorhomes NZ?
I started working for Wilderness nearly 3 years ago after I finished school back home in Germany.
Having a deep desire to travel and exploring a new part of the world, New Zealand seemed like the perfect choice to jump in at the deep end. I originally intended to stay for a short period of time and then continue with my travels but fell in love with the country, the people and Wilderness.
Why do you love working at Wilderness Motorhomes NZ?
From the first day onwards I realised that something was different in this company. It did not feel like work coming to the office in the morning. More like seeing friends and having a good time together while creating a business that makes great things happen and innovates. I learn so much here and the way the company cares for all of us makes me more passionate for what I do. We try to look at things differently, make them better, create a unique experience.

What your favourite part of working at Wilderness Motorhomes NZ?
There are quite a few. As it's too hard to choose, let's go with a top 3.
  1. Taking vans out and exploring Aotearoa.
  2. The cultural mix of personalities and family feel of the company
  3. Learning something new every day

What is the best motorhome road trip you have done so far? 
A 5 day trip from Christchurch to Auckland in an Escape 4. We stopped in Hanmer Springs, Kaikoura, Picton, Wellington and Taupo. Riding our bikes into the sunset, waking up to a completely different environment each day, swimming in the ocean at sunrise and much more made the whole journey a very memorable experience. We had no plan where to go and what to do and had the time of our lives!
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What would be the main piece of advice you would give to a Wilderness Motorhome road tripper?
Take you time and stop planning. It cannot be said enough. Take a step back and explore. Throw all plans (or most) off board and let go of your idea of having to follow a plan. Most of the time you do not end up where you planned and that is a great thing! There is no pressure on what your own personal adventure has to be like!

What is your favourite camp site/Nesst so far? (+ pics)
This has to be freedom camping at the Kaikoura shoreline. The ocean right outside your door, a sunrise to die for and high grass to lie in and watch the milky way at night. What else could you wish for?
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