Calling All Water Lovers and Travellers with Kids

By using the freedom of a motorhome to travel New Zealand, you are the master of your own destiny.Whether you want your holiday to include all of the amazing water-based activities that New Zealand has to offer or you’re looking for the ability to travel easily with your children – a motorhome holiday in New Zealand could be the ideal solution.

In this blog, we explain a bit about New Zealand and two great inspirations to take a motorhome holiday here.

New Zealand has over 14,000 kilometres (8,700 miles) of coastline – the 10th longest stretch of coastline in the world. For two small islands (plus a bunch of even smaller ones) positioned in the bottom corner of the world, that’s quite impressive!

Also, despite being a comparatively small country on a global scale, New Zealand is known for its wide range of climates and wondrous scenery. Travelling from the North to the South, you can pass through warm subtropical zones to cooler temperate regions. The scenery also changes from stunning alpine ranges, beautiful coastal settings to incredible fiords.

We tell you this, not to boast about New Zealand (well, maybe a little), but to show you how ideal New Zealand is for a motorhome holiday.

In our new guide “Be Here With Wilderness; 10 Ultimate New Zealand Motorhome Holiday Themes”, we help you discover ten of our favourite holiday “themes” which you could use to travel our country.

Here we profile two of those themes head-to-head:

  • Baby-On-Board
    The best ways to travel New Zealand with young children (without compromising your freedom or sense of adventure)
  • Cruise Mode
    How to get out and about, cruising New Zealand’s amazing ocean and lake-based experiences


If you’re parents with kids in tow, New Zealand is the perfect place to holiday. Because we’re a small country, we have an incredible amount of different scenery to enjoy, without having to cover large distances to enjoy them - as you’d have to do in most other countries. The end result? You can travel with the same attitude of excitement and adventure that you did pre-children.

Cruise Mode

Similarly, if cruising on the water is your thing, there really is no better place than New Zealand to satisfy your craving for water (salt or fresh) on your skin.

New Zealand offers chances to take water-based tours for fishing, surfing, whale and dolphin watching, fiord voyages and many other experiences.

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