Campervanning the South Island - A New Perspective

I've recently returned from an awesome 2 week trip across the ditch to the South Island of New Zealand.

This was my 4th trip over and I really wanted to see the island as a whole. On previous trips I spent most my time hanging out in the cool towns scattered across the island. This time I was adamant on spending more time on the road. 

I have a lot of previous experiences with campervans in New Zealand so I wasn't expecting much... Until we picked up our Freestyle 2 Wilderness Motorhome. I was completely blown away! It was literally a hotel on wheels. It had everything from hot showers, gas cooking and 240v power outlet. It kept us warm with the temperatures dropping well bellow -5 at night. After this experience I think this is the “only” way to truly enjoy and get the most out of the beautiful South Island. You will literally be stopping every 10 minutes taking in all the jaw dropping scenery. 
Here are some of my photos I captured while I was  touring in my Wilderness camper van, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

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