Christchurch Earthquake Update

Our base is open and fully operational with power and water now restored. All access roads to the base are open. Our team are preparing vehicles on time and assisting customers to get on the road with minimal disruption to their plans.

The Christchurch airport is open and flights are operating. All major highways around Christchurch are open. The central city is a "no go" zone. It is cordoned off to assist the rescue and recovery operation and to protect the public. This is likely to continue for some time. Power has been restored to 75% of the city and water to 50% of the city.

We recommend that if you had plans to travel to the South Island that you continue as planned as areas outside of Christchurch are unaffected. As our base is on the city fringe, you can collect your camper and head straight out of Christchurch.

Your visit will actually help the region. As one of our customers wrote to us "we look forward to picking up our van in April and doing the only thing we can do to help - spending as much cash as possible in your bars, restaurants and tourist attractions." If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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