Christchurch Earthquake 2011

This enormous tragedy has been a real and lasting example to us about the kindness and generosity of our neighbours, both within New Zealand and internationally.

Kiwis all over the world are helping their fellow Kiwis. Online auction website Trade Me has set up a network where people who want to volunteer their homes for emergency accommodation or their labour can be matched with people in need. Soon after the quake, search and rescue teams, equipment, and resources were despatched from numerous countries around the world. Our mates in Australia, our fiercest rivals on the sports field, have shown us that our ANZAC connection runs deep. New Zealanders will be forever grateful for the hands that have reached out to us in our hour of need.

Our Prime Minister has noted the importance of visitors continuing to travel to New Zealand. Tourism is our biggest export earner and a strong economy will be vital in helping to rebuild Christchurch. The effects of the earthquake are very localised in Christchurch city. The rest of New Zealand is open and ready with the warmest welcome you will ever receive. Our base in Christchurch is operating normally so you can collect your camper and head out of Christchurch to begin your adventure. All airports and major roads are open. To learn more about the earthquake, planning your visit, and what you can do to help, click here.

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