Chrystal Hutchinson Reviews her Wilderness Motorhome Adventure

This was my fifth visit in a year to the spectacular South Island. I always have an amazing experience from each trip and can't get enough to the South Islands scenic splendour.Chrystal Hutchinson travels to Milford Sound in a New Zealand camper hire

The flight in was really exciting as usual and I couldn’t wait to start my adventure. Little did I know at the time, it turned out to be the best experience I ever had in NZ!

Chrystal Hutchinson's New Zealand camper hire takes her to Lindis Pass

This trip was different from the rest, it was my first time using Wilderness and I was absolutely blown away by their RV’s upon the first step I took into my palace on wheels and the consistent friendly and helpful service I received.  

Chrystal Hutchinson 's New Zealand camper hire goes to Tasman Valley

In fact, my trip was so comfortable and enjoyable my 2 week trip turned into 4 weeks and I still didn’t want to come home. My first two weeks I toured in the Escape 2 and the second two weeks in the Freedom 2.

Lake Ruataniwha Lake Paringa

It truly was, home away from home, if anything, better! I had a stunning view to wake up to each morning in the comfort and warmth from inside my RV.

Chrystal Hutchinson Glenorchy

Chrystal Hutchinson Lake Pearson

There is no worry of getting cold, all thanks to gas heating! I actually had to have my heating set to low at night otherwise I was feeling too hot. Anyone that knows me well knows I get cold easily and I love warmth.

Chrystal Hutchinson Wanaka Mountains
Chrystal Hutchinson Tasman Lake
Out of the 29 days, only 2 nights were spent on a powered site, the rest of the time was absolute bliss of freedom camping out in the wilderness surrounded by mountains, streams, lakes and just pure untouched raw nature.

Chrystal Hutchinson Middleton Lake

I was in heaven with everything I needed and more. I absolutely loved the fact I didn’t need a powered site to run my laptop and to charge my batteries and mobile. I had food stocked up in my fridge to last me weeks due to being so large, and no hassle of making a bed each day to sleep in, as its permanently made! Just awesome!

Driving in Mt Cook National Park
People often ask me, is it hard to find drinking water, shops/food, fuel and dump stations and was the camper hard to drive? Wilderness have an app to show you everything you need during your trip where everything is located on a map with GPS directions. There is absolutely no hassle to find all the things you need.

Chrystal Hutchinson Driving into Mt Cook National Park

Due to the larger holding capacities, I only had to fill up my fresh water about every 4-5 days, and where you top up your water is where you can also empty your waste, super easy! 

Chrystal Hutchinson Milford Sound

I have hired many kinds of campers before, some being smaller than my Wilderness, however my RV was the smoothest and easiest I ever drove. It was quite deceiving, as it looked kind of small from the outside, but inside is a mini house where you instantly feel comfortable living in with plenty of walking space without feeling cramped.

Chrystal Hutchinson Mt Cook National Park

Never again will I be hiring another camper from another company, I just wish I found Wilderness sooner!

Chrystal Hutchinson Tasman Lake3

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