Great Winter Escape

The resort, tucked into a bushy little valley on the edge of Taupo, is fed by mineral waters that have soothed weary travellers for decades.

If you want to somewhere to recharge your batteries on a cool autumn day (or more), I can't think of anywhere better. We sat, we soaked, and then we screamed down the hydroslide (well at least some of the party did). We parked the Longboarder in the well equipped campground adjacent to the pools so when we were done with bathing, we cooked up a feast in the motorhome, watched a movie, or played on the playground. The verdict from the children was that it was one of our best holidays and I arrived home relaxed and revived so it worked for me! So if your tribe need an escape for a few days, why not pack them into a Wilderness motorhome and head for Taupo?

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