Motorhome Rental – the VIP choice for a New Zealand Vacation

Over the past few years, I’ve been interested to see a steady increase in the number of celebrities and high-profile folk choosing to hire a motorhome in New Zealand.Campervans might once have been associated with budget-conscious backpackers, but these days a wide variety of people from movie stars to top models, sports professionals to corporate high-flyers  seem to be choosing to experience New Zealand in a rental campervan or motorhome. NZ dairy giant Fonterra even chose motorhomes to house their top big-wigs during their recent conference.

So why are so many celebrities and VIPs, who have the money to stay and travel wherever and however they want, choosing to travel by motorhome? The most obvious reason is flexibility. Travelling by motorhome, particularly if it’s self-contained, gives you the option to go wherever the mood takes you. There’s no need to restrict your travel arrangements by prebooking hotels. If you like the view where you happen to be, you can stay for an extra night. If you decide to take a detour, that’s OK too. 

For people who value their privacy, motorhomes are the perfect answer. Rather than taking well-known main travel routes, travelling by motorhome means you can get away from it all and explore New Zealand’s lesser-known and well-worth-seeing backwaters at your own pace. You have all the facilities you need to stay tucked up in your own private hideaway. 

And if you think travelling by motorhome means you’re roughing it, think again. Many motorhomes offer the same if not better accommodation standards than a hotel or motel unit, with separate bathrooms, full kitchens, air conditioning and heating, TV/DVD, safes and more. Combine outstanding comfort and flexible living spaces with a different view every day, and you’ve got a holiday option fit for a king. And best of all, for those of us who aren’t rich and famous, renting a motorhome is great value for money compared to other travel options.Motorhome Selector Tool

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