New Zealand’s Most Instagrammable Locations

New Zealand is an Instagrammer’s paradise with an abundance of unique and breath-taking photo opportunities.

From golden beaches, to snow-capped mountain peaks, our country offers a variety of amazing scenery and diverse environments to be explored. These places are as accessible as they are stunning and the awe-inspiring vistas guarantee fantastic photos whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur.

This blog will explore seven of New Zealand’s most Instagrammed spots which are sure to make your friends and family back home eager to take their own New Zealand holiday.

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Lake Wanaka

The pretty Central Otago town of Wanaka is home to one of New Zealand’s most stunning lakes. With its glassy waters and surrounding snow-capped peaks you’ll require zero filters to capture the perfect Instagram photo. In winter, Wanaka is a hub for skiers and snowboarders with a short drive to two of the country's favourite ski fields, while in summer it’s well known for adventure sports - so you can get some great action photos too!

Lake Tekapo

In the heart of the South Island is the heavenly Lake Tekapo. This one’s sure to light up your Instagram account with its turquoise blue waters and surreal alpine backdrop. Situated on the shores of the lake is the famous and often-photographed Church of the Good Shepherd, a historic building built in 1863. Despite being a small community of just 369, Lake Tekapo was revealed as one of the most popular spots in New Zealand to share pictures from.1 A shot of the church overlooking the lake is an absolute must.

Milford Sound

This remote fiord in the south west of the South Island is a stellar site for photographs. A ‘bucket list’ destination for many visitors to New Zealand, here you can get up close and personal with nature. The towering Mitre Peak is an iconic New Zealand image with its green slopes surrounded by pristine, crystal clear waters.

Mount Maunganui

The coastal suburb of Mount Maunganui in the city of Tauranga is a favourite beach spot for many Kiwis. A walking track 232 metres up to the summit offers a great taste of Kiwi hiking without straying too far from civilisation, and you’ll be rewarded by picturesque views of the coastline, with its sandy beaches stretching for miles. The pristine white sand beach at the base of the mountain is a dream spot for sunbathing and swimming.


Situated on the west coast of Auckland is the wild and beautiful Piha beach. Known for its towering natural formation of Lion Rock, Piha’s rugged west coast beauty is uniquely Kiwi and sure to get your friends back home thinking about their own trip to New Zealand. Its thundering waves are popular with surfers and the black sand beach makes for dramatic photos. It’s a taste of real New Zealand less than an hour’s drive from downtown Auckland.


Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit film trilogies certainly portrayed New Zealand as a fantasy world and are the reason our country is known to many as ‘the real Middle Earth’. The Hobbiton Movie Set, located outside the Waikato town of Matamata and between Auckland and Rotorua, offers a unique opportunity for quaint Tolkien-esque photographs. The Movie Set is only accessible on a guided tour, where you’ll get the chance to pose outside some of the incredibly detailed hobbit holes and get a taste of life as a hobbit!

Takapuna Beach

This idyllic Auckland suburb has a gorgeous beach with views toward the captivating Rangitoto Island. An easy drive from downtown Auckland, this is an ideal first stop for your New Zealand holiday, and a great Instagam of the Waitemata Harbour. On a sunny day you’ll find many locals strolling down the beach with dog and coffee in hand, and it’s a popular and safe swimming beach too.

Of course this isn’t where it ends. Coast to coast, north to south, New Zealand is filled with photo opportunities. These can all be accessed by road from the comfort of a motorhome. Very few places on earth offer the range of photographs New Zealand does and you’ll be sure to be snapping and sharing from the get-go.

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