New Zealand takes Top Honours as Best Destination

If you’ve travelled around New Zealand in a Wilderness Motorhome you probably know it already! New Zealand is the most magic place in the world to visit on so many levels.

Once again this has been confirmed formally with New Zealand being announced as the favourite country of Telegraph readers

If you follow our Twitter feed you would have seen this week, that for the third year running NZ has taken out the best country accolade in the Telegraph Travel Awards - a comprehensive survey of almost 90,000 people. 

Here’s what the Telegraph had to say:

“New Zealand is a country that delivers almost everything a traveller could want in one easy-to-use package."

“One thing remains constant − and that’s the abiding love that Telegraph readers have for one country, New Zealand!"

“This is a place where British tourists can enjoy the thrill of long-haul travel, coupled with the reassurance of being greeted in our native tongue - albeit spoken with that characteristic twang. It also thrusts dramatic scenery at us, wherever we turn. Who could fail to thrill to Milford Sound’s epic vistas, or the volcanoes of Tongariro National Park?”

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Milford Sound by Wilderness explorer Andrew King

The Telegraph has put together a multimedia tribute of 26 things to love about New Zealand which is well worth checking out

So, if New Zealand is still on your bucket list, there is now even more reason to make it happen and explore NZ in depth on a Wilderness road trip! Make it a New Years resolution!

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