New Zealand through the Lens of Hiker and Instagrammer Eskil Digernes (Norway)

We've been to lucky to have the highly followed Hiker and Photographer Eskil Digernes @e.digernes from Norway travelling with us in a an Escape 2 motorhome taking in some of the South Island's highlights like Milford Sound, Lake Wanaka and Central Otago by camper van.

Here are some of his great Instagram shots along the way.

We drove from Christchurch to Lake Pukaki. Along the way we found a slice of Tuscany in NZ!

The view along the road was majestic. 

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After viewing the sunset by Lake Pukaki we drove to Wanaka and camped for the night.

We meet up with 2 other instagramers @nvmero and @buchowski. We decided to wake up at 3am and hike Mt. Roy for sunrise. That was one of the most amazing hiking experiences of my life, walking up a mountain were the path was illuminated by the moon light.

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Our friends joined Kym and I in the camper, and made our way to Milford Sound.

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The drive was long but the reward was amazing seeing the majestic peak and waterfalls and exploring the lush green forests.

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After a couple of hours we made our way back to Wanaka as the sun was setting. We received an amazing light show.

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We woke up early to see the sun rise over the solo Wanaka tree. It was an amazing sight! It´s probably my finest capture.

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After sunrise and a luch by the lake we made our way to Mount Cook. The mountain was an impressive sight with it´s majestic glacier and surrounding lakes.

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It was such a pleasure travelling with Wilderness Motorhomes in their Escape 2 motorhome, unfortunately we have to leave NZ now, but we will be back!

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