Peak Bagging on Mt Ruapehu

This awesome day will begin by driving your Wilderness campervan up to the first of the two ski-tows, at the top of the Bruce Road. Now that’s the easy bit.After signing in, checking the weather, and grabbing a coffee you will jump on the ski-tow and glide up as far as it will take you. From here the grunt to the Dome summit begins. Just a word of warning though! You are able to walk up on your own, but the track is unmarked and unless you have a slick GPS and an astute seventh sense, you might well take the wrong way home and end up down an obscure valley.

It is highly recommended you take the guided walk. Although this may seem a little heavy on your pocket it is not only a good insurance for your safety, but the guides are great! They live and breathe the mountains and have amazing stories to tell.

The rest of this blog should contain shots of the many spectacular views and stunning land formations, but you need to experience these for yourself. As it is rocky under foot, it is best to wear tramping boots with good ankle support. The climb is not excessively steep, but some of the ridges are scary because of the sheer drops down either side.

The reward is the crater lake at the top which has several moods and changes colour from hazy blue, to dusty green to deep grey, depending on the lake temperature. The pH is usually around 2-3, so although the lake looks tempting it is not a good idea to dangle the toes or contemplate a face wash!Motorhome Selector Tool

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