Stunning Scenes in Wilderness Video Competition


We have a winner – and it’s spectacular!

A video entitled “New Zealand Unplugged” by Mike Brown is the winner of our second Wilderness Video Competition. 

The five-minute piece contains extraordinary scenic footage of New Zealand’s snow-covered alpine areas, shot while he and partner Kathy embarked on their latest Wilderness adventure in the South Island.  

Mike won a $4,000 Wilderness road trip for his amazing efforts. We also awarded two runner-up prizes of a three-day Wilderness bonus to Hilary Davies (“Carving in Comfort”) and Rebekah King (“South Island Adventure”).   

Mike and Kathy have been touring with Wilderness for the past seven years. Even though they’ve been living in Australia for over 30 years, every year they explore a little bit more of New Zealand by motorhome and have made ten road trips around New Zealand with Wilderness in that time.

Grab a coffee and watch Unplugged here to see what keeps Mike and Kathy coming back to New Zealand to tour with us. In fact, Mike was so rapt to win he went back over his video footage from ten trips and compiled this little tribute called Seven Years in the Wilderness“We are so looking forward to our next trip we just wanted a reminder of all the fun things we have done thanks to you guys,” says Mike.

We’ll be running another video competition soon and will let you know when more details are available.

Be inspired to have your own Wilderness adventure with these videos made by our guests:

“New Zealand, Pure Adventure”  – Mike Brown and Kathy Hart show how comfortable life on the road can be when exploring with Wilderness

“Carving in Comfort” – Shot by 2017 runner-up Hilary Davies

“South Island Adventure” – Shot by 2017 runner-up Rebekah King

“The Ultimate South Island Road Trip” – the winner of the 2016 Wilderness Video Competition. Shot by Elaine and Kaleb Jiminez from the United States.


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