Testing Out the New Peak 4 Motorhome

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to test out the Peak 4 motorhome. This is one of the new Carado motorhomes that Wilderness Motorhomes has added to its fleet of luxury motorhomes.It was a really cool experience doing some good quality testing! What better place to head than the Coromandel!

There was no hassle driving the slightly bigger vehicle and it was a super comfy bed. The central locking made it really easy to quickly jump out of my van to soak in the sunshine on those beautiful Coromandel beaches!

I do most of my travelling by myself - people often ask how or why, a woman travelling alone?

Well really easy answer: amazing experiences finding the little natural jewels of this stunning country alone - soul cleansing moments... Priceless! Travelling by myself is always a lovely experience.

Here are a few pics from my travels in the Peak 4 campervan...

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