Why Travel Reviews Matter


Word of mouth (particularly in today’s social media driven world) is a powerful thing. And it’s a very useful thing when you’re booking something as special as a campervan holiday. Getting recommendations and feedback from other fellow travellers is a great tool for your research and to help you feel confident that the company you’re travelling with is the right one.


If you’re considering a campervan hire in New Zealand, we encourage you to do your research before you book. Talk to friends and family about experiences they may have had and you’ll soon learn more about what to look for and what to avoid.

Where to find campervan reviews

To find out more about Wilderness and what our guests say, you can check out our Wilderness Motorhomes Facebook page where people post their reviews and comments about their experiences with us. We also have reviews and comments on our website.  

Googling the campervan rental companies you’re considering is also an easy way to locate their Google reviews. Just look for a box on the right side bar to come up with the search results, and click on the ‘Google reviews’ link. A Google search will also show you any user reviews or information that may have been posted on other sites.

YouTube is another great resource, as travellers will often post video reviews of their trips, with walk-through guides to individual vehicles.

Tripadvisor is a hugely popular travel review site, and although it doesn’t a specific category for campervans and motorhomes, it does have travel forums devoted to New Zealand, where you could post a questions or ask for advice on which campervan rentals are best, and other Tripadvisor users will respond.

Finally – after your trip, don't forget to post your own feedback. Particularly if you've enjoyed your New Zealand holiday, posting a positive review is a great way to thank the companies and provide valuable advice to future travellers.

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