Wilderness Motorhomes Achieves New Qualmark Status


At Wilderness Motorhomes, we have been committed to making the planet a better place since our company was founded in 2004. We are extremely excited to announce that we have received a Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award.

The Award was received in addition to an Endorsement under new guidelines established by Qualmark, New Zealand tourism's official quality assurance organisation.

The new guidelines came about after Tourism New Zealand took full ownership of the Qualmark brand, establishing a ' more rounded' view of what quality means, and extending the Enviro awards programme to include more frequent contact with businesses. All assessments will now include aspects of environmental performance.

"There will be a greater emphasis on customer service and customer satisfaction. What the customer is actually saying about the experience or product will be included in the assessment" , explained Peter Clinton-Baker, Qualmark Tourism Business Advisor.

With new legislation in place, health and safety also plays a more important part in the new criteria.

Mr Clinton-Baker said that in applying the new criteria, assessors are looking for good processes that result in good products that lead to good visitor experiences.

Congratulating the Wilderness team on our win, Mr Clinton-Baker acknowledged that Wilderness had continually scored highly in previous evaluations. The Wilderness Qualmark scorecard included words like 'excellent', 'very good' and 'best practice'.

"This time you have raised the bar again and demonstrated clearly that Wilderness Motorhomes is continually looking at ways to improve the customer experience across all aspects of the business."

The Wilderness team are very proud to receive these endorsements. Only 10 percent of businesses have achieved this status under the new ratingsystem. It's an illustration of our commitment to the environment and our focus on continually surprising and delighting our guests with outstanding customer service.

At Wilderness Motorhomes, we and our sister company SmartRV have a number of environmental initiatives in place including a company commitment to be paperless in the near future, an environmental committee, community programmes and team tree planting days, an LED light replacement programme for our Auckland and Christchurch bases and a recycling programme for tyres and engine oil. We continue to look for new ways to improve and would love to hear your ideas. If you have any suggestions about what we could be doing to help the environment, please comment below or send us an email at explore@wilderness.co.nz.

For more information about our Environmental Care Code, click here.

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