Wilderness Supports the Million Metres Stream Project


We'd like to say a big thanks to the Wilderness explorers who have chosen to participate in our Carbon offset programme.Wilderness are proud to have teamed up with the Million Metres stream project with every Wilderness Motorhomes explorer offered the chance to contribute to this restoration project.

The Million Metres streams project aims to scale and speed up the restoration of our waterways by planting a million metres of river bank.  The project is a great way to actively involve all New Zealanders in the restoration of the lifeblood of our waterways.

Riparian planting, as it is known, is a simple and effective way to improve water quality, reduce erosion and create habitat for aquatic plants and animals. 

The latest contribution from Wilderness Motorhomes has gone towards the Hoteo River catchment which drains into the Kaipara – the second-largest harbour in the world! With the help of our Wilderness campervan hirers, John and Geraldine Taylor are taking action to protect and sustain these vital resources and beautiful landscape. 

Check out this video from Million Metres Streams Project for more information on the Hoteo environmental initiative:

If you are planning on travelling with Wilderness Motorhomes in the near future, have a think about offsetting the carbon emissions from your travels with a contribution  towards this innovative eco project.

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