How do I dump wastewater while on my motorhome holiday?

You’ll need to find an approved dump station every few days to dump wastewater — which comes from the shower, basin, sink and toilet.

You can find the locations of dump stations on the CamperMate app.


Free public dump stations are located throughout the country — with some at petrol stations (servos). Most dump stations also have a tap for refilling your fresh water, and some ask for a donation to help keep them well maintained.


If you’re staying the night at a commercial campground or holiday park, there will most likely be a dump station available to use.


Dealing with the toilet cassette is sometimes a concern for people who haven’t travelled in a motorhome before. The reality is that it’s very straightforward — read our blog about how to empty a campervan toilet cassette to put your mind at ease.


You’ll receive an email with our motorhome onboarding video — which includes a chapter explaining how to dump your wastewater. In addition, when picking up your motorhome hire you’ll get another step-by-step demonstration. When it comes time to empty on your motorhome holiday, you’ll be confident enough to give it a go.