Will equipment work when the motorhome is not plugged into a power supply?


When you’re not connected to mains power at a campsite, you’ll use either the house battery or LPG to power the appliances in your Wilderness motorhome hire.


There’s also an inverter which allows you to charge your devices and gadgets — using the USB points in the habitation unit.


The house battery will supply power to the water pump, lights in the living area, WiFi and SmartTV while you’re freedom camping without mains power. The LPG will power the fridge, hobs, oven, heating and hot water system.


While you’re driving, the house battery will keep the fridge cool — but you’ll need the LPG to power it when you park up for the evening.


Depending on how much power you use, you should be able to holiday off-grid between one and three nights.Then you’ll need to hook up to power at a campsite and top up your batteries.


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