Where can my baby sleep in the motorhome?

It depends — on the motorhome you choose and your preferred sleeping arrangement.

If your baby sleeps best alone and you’re planning to bring a travel cot with you, consider The Suite.. It has enough floor space to set your cot up in the rear lounge.


However, there are a couple of downsides of choosing The Suite when travelling with a baby, which are that:


  • You won’t be able to utilise the rear drop down bed when your travel cot is set up in the rear, and
  • The child restraint seat must be removed before you can lower the front drop down bed.

Another option for families with a baby is our Twin/King for 4. The rear beds can be set up as a wall-to-wall king bed — which will be large enough for your whole family if you’re comfortable co-sleeping with your baby.


One popular request for families with two adults and a baby is our Compact Plus. Although a little less roomy, when set up in the king bed configuration, it’s spacious enough for co-sleeping.


For more detailed information, check out our top ten tips for campervan travel with a baby.