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Campervan Rental Inclusions | Comparison Worksheet

Use our handy worksheet to compare inclusions, fees and add-ons charged by New Zealand's campervan rental companies.

Comparing campervan and motorhome rental companies in New Zealand is about more than just the daily rate. Some companies may include all costs in their upfront prices, while others add extra fees at every step resulting in an unexpectedly high cost holiday.

With a bit of comparison research, you can avoid unwanted surprises and find a rental company that best suits your budget and travel requirements.

Download our comparison worksheet so you're well-prepared to compare your campervan rental options and make the best decision for you.

This worksheet covers:

  • Basic inclusions 
  • Insurance & liability reductions
  • Extra fees and surcharges
  • Useful, optional add-ons
  • Pre-filled column for Wilderness Motorhomes