Rental Locations

You can start and end your road trip in either Auckland (North Island) or Christchurch (South Island). In fact, if you have sufficient time to visit both islands you can do a one-way hire. New Zealand's long and narrow shape makes it perfectly suited to one-way travel. Make sure you compare the rental rates for both northbound and southbound hires using the Rates & Dates tool at the top of the page to find the best rate. Check out the Booking with Us page for more information.

More than two thirds of international flights into New Zealand land in Auckland so chances are this is where you'll get your first taste of our beautiful country. You can either pick up your rental motorhome on arrival in Auckland or transfer on to a domestic flight to Christchurch and discover the South Island first. At certain times of year, you can get better hire rates for northbound rather than southbound hires so be sure to check out that option.

Unless you've got at least six weeks to saunter around the country, we recommend you avoid a return trip taking in both North and South Islands. Some tourists make the mistake of underestimating the distances and road conditions and plan a whistle stop tour focusing on "ticking off" the notable tourist destinations as quickly as possible. They end up spending most of their vacation behind the wheel. If that's the kind of vacation you're after, why not do the Paris to Dakar rally?

We have prepared itineraries that take in all of our favourite routes to help you plan your tour whether you're planning on covering the North or South Islands or both. These vary from the quick five day jaunt to the leisurely 25 day ramble. We have packed the itineraries with ideas about what to see and where to stop so be sure to check them out.