About Us

Our vision at Wilderness is to make your dream New Zealand holiday a reality for you. Since 2004, we’ve given thousands of wanderers much more than a motorhome rental - we’ve allowed them to live their New Zealand dream.

We are a family owned company with a passion for sharing this amazing country. Our team is driven by a commitment to ensuring your New Zealand experience is truly unforgettable. What could be more rewarding than seeing your excitement as we set you on the road and sharing your smiles and stories when you return? It’s not work - it’s dream making.

Are we for real?

You will have noticed that unusually high customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest of the rental vehicle market. Consistently high satisfaction rankings are so out of the ordinary for vehicle rentals that many people have asked "are you for real?" This is why we only post reviews from independent social media sites so you know our reviews are from our "real" guests.

Our Values

Our values and the way we do things are shaped by te whenua (the land), te tangata (the people), and te wairua (the spirit).

He Tangata He Tangata He Tangata.

What is the most important thing in the world? It is people! It is people! It is people! This means we act with integrity, honesty and transparency. We treat others with dignity and respect. Getting our team and our guests home safely is a priority for us.

Be more awesome.

Every day we strive to do better, as a person, in our roles, and in the company.

Make our planet a better place.

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and contributing to the communities we are a part of.

Explore, dream, discover.

We draw inspiration from Mark Twain "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails."

Our History

Wilderness Motorhomes was founded in 2004 by John Managh, a young and passionate adventurer. After travelling the world, he returned home to Thames to start his own business. He bought six Toyota vans, converted them into campervans, and started his own rental business in his parents' basement. From the outset, he put himself in the shoes of his customers. In fact, they weren’t viewed as customers, just new friends. It was John’s authenticity and tireless dedication to making customers happy that really got people talking. 

John’s sister Mary joined in 2005 adding her business experience and passion for making a difference to the growing company. We opened a base in Auckland and soon after Christchurch allowing us to service the South Island, add bigger motorhomes to the fleet, and bring more skilled and energetic people on to the team.

In 2008, a new manufacturing company was established to feed the expanding rental fleet. RoadCraft brought a whole new level of complexity. Not only did we design the motorhomes, we sourced the parts, fitted them, tested, and tuned them - and all to our exacting standards.

John and Mary sold RoadCraft in 2010 to focus purely on the rental sector. They partnered up with motorhome rental guru Michael Becker. Michael brought more than a decade of experience as well as the vision and drive to take the company to new heights. Later that year, we took the top prize for all transport providers in the Rankers Traveller Voted Awards.

In 2011, we imported a couple of German manufactured motorhomes to test in the New Zealand market. These came with more features and a new level of design and construction expertise never seen before in New Zealand rental motorhomes. The German motorhomes were an outstanding success and as a result, our rental fleet is now solely Bürstner and Carado motorhomes imported from Germany. 

Our Promises

You can book your dream holiday with confidence because behind our five star service are our five brand promises: 

You'll get personalised service that's second to none

Yes, we rent motorhomes but what we do is so much more than that. In fact, the sole reason we come to work every day is to enable you to live your New Zealand dream. Our entire business is focused on delivering your dream - from the first contact you have with us to the last farewell, it's all about you. You’re not just a booking number. You will be collected from the airport or your hotel by our chauffeur (you won’t be joining tens of others on a bus), you will be greeted by name, we will get to know your holiday aspirations and give you as much 1:1 time as you need to feel confident about getting the most out of your motorhome and your New Zealand holiday.

We're with you all the way

We won’t let you down. We support you every day you’re on tour. If you have an issue, our team of Dreamliners will respond quickly to resolve it and ensure minimal disruption to your holiday. They will follow up to see if you’re living the dream.

You'll get a superior motorhome

Ok so the motorhomes are important. Our European motorhomes are the most advanced rental motorhomes in New Zealand. You can't beat them for comfort, style and innovation. Our motorhomes are not only top quality but also impeccably presented. You can feel confident they will perform reliably. Watch this video to find out what makes our motorhomes special.

We learn from you

As more than one thousand independent online travel reviews will attest, our level of care is second to none. We listen to every piece of guest feedback so that we can continuously improve. Since so many of our guests return, we are committed to ensuring that each Wilderness experience is even better than the last.

You'll love the freedom

That’s why we have done away with "restricted roads" which limit your travel, we allow you to book by model not by category so you can select the motorhome that’s perfect for you, we give you all the tools and support you need to design your dream vacation. We will even give you the best guide book to help you with your planning! We want you to experience the wilderness of New Zealand. Because that's who we are.