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New Zealand Seasons and Travel

From stunning summers on deserted beaches in the North to chilly winters near the snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps—the weather in New Zealand is as diverse as the land itself. Each season has its own unique appeal for adventurers, so we’ve set out some guidelines to help you decide what time of year works best for you.


The summer is far and away the most popular time to visit New Zealand. This is the time of year with the most consistent weather and widely considered to be the best time to go camping.


Months: December–February  
Average Daytime Temperature: 20–25°C (68–77°F)  
Average Nighttime Temperature: 10–14°C (50–56°F)  
Our Seasonal Motorhome Features:
  • Flyscreens
  • air-conditioned cabs
  • self-contained motorhomes for freedom camping
  • guests can hire barbecues, camping tables, chairs, bikes and more
Seasonal Activities & Events:
  • Outdoor activities,
  • Great Walks
  • beaches, water sports, kayaking