Liability Reduction Options

From $29.00 NZD per day

Our liability reduction options give you the freedom to focus on creating remarkable moments rather than worrying about the what-ifs.

Cover & Liability

All our rentals include comprehensive insurance with your daily hire. This covers accidental damage to the motorhome and public liability, so we encourage you to be adventurous (but not negligent or irresponsible).

Unlike many other motorhome rental companies, we cover you for pretty much everything. This includes overhead and underbody damage (the most common accidents), single-vehicle accidents (e.g. you reverse into a tree at a campsite), towing and recovery of your motorhome, and any instances of theft, fire, or vandalism. 

While our insurance is much more comprehensive than most, we recommend you check out our Rental Terms and Conditions for any exclusions.

While insurance is covered in your daily rate, your level of liability (in the event of an incident) is high, sitting at NZ$7500. We have multiple liability reduction options for you to choose from depending on the liability you feel comfortable with while stepping outside of your comfort zone.


Your Liability

If the motorhome is damaged, you are required to contribute to the cost of replacement or repair up to the liability (excess/deductible) amount of NZ$7500. If there's more than one incident in which the motorhome is damaged, a separate liability applies for each incident. You can reduce the amount you need to contribute (your liability) by taking advantage of one of our liability reduction options.

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