Special Offers

We don't muck around with gimmicks and clever tricks to get you to book our motorhomes. Our pricing is transparent and no nonsense so you won't get hit with any hidden costs. We're confident that once you know how great our motorhomes are, how well we will look after you and how reasonable our pricing is, the decision will be easy.

Directional Pricing

Take advantage of our directional pricing by checking if we have better rates from Auckland to Christchurch OR from Christchurch to Auckland for your travel dates. Use the Book Now tool.

Group Travel

If you're travelling in convoy on your road trip and wish to hire more than one vehicle, contact us to see how we can help.

Early Booking Discount

Just like the airlines, our pricing is flexible which means our rates start low and as our vehicles fill prices go up. As soon as you pay your deposit, your rental rate is locked in. Check our Booking with Us page for more information.