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Explore our Motorhomes for Sale

If you’re an avid motorhome renter, you might be wondering if purchasing would make more sense. As well as renting motorhomes, we also import and sell them through our sister company Wilderness Motorhome Sales. We'd love to share our knowledge with you. If you're thinking of buying, start by exploring our retail website.



Why buy from Wilderness Motorhomes?

At Wilderness, we put you, the customer, at the centre of everything we do. That’s the Wilderness Way. It’s not just about our high end motorhomes (although we know you’ll love those) but it’s also about the care we show you and everything we do to enable you to collect your own remarkable moments. When you purchase a motorhome from Wilderness, you can be sure:

You get the benefit of our experience and expertise

When we started importing motorhomes in 2012, European motorhomes were a rare sight on New Zealand roads. Now, more motorhomes from Europe are sold here each year than from any other region. As the pioneers of European motorhome importing, we have amassed a depth of experience and expertise unrivalled in the market. 

You get a motorhome designed for the discerning buyer

The motorhomes we import set the bar for modern stylish sets of wheels for people who want to explore their homeland. Our stable of brands from Germany’s leading motorhome manufacturer, Erwin Hymer Group, are a testimony to the reputation of quality made in Germany established over more than 60 years. All our motorhomes are backed by factory warranties. We carry a full range of parts and offer attentive after sales support.

We'll make you feel like family

Being a values based family business, we put people first - that’s you, our customer. So when you travel with us, we treat you like you are part of our family. From your first contact with us, we are committed to ensuring you have a remarkable experience - just like we would want for our family.