Child Restraints


All children aged under seven years must be secured in an approved child restraint and appropriate for their size while travelling in a vehicle, under New Zealand law. We take our responsibilities further than meeting these minimum legal obligations and offer child restraints in line with best practice for child safety. Best practice guidelines say a child should use a child restraint until they are 148cm tall. Our range of child restraints not only meet the standards for use in New Zealand, they keep your young ones comfortable and secure. Our adventure support team can show you how to install and use them in your motorhome.

Find the best seat type

The table below indicates the best seat type for your child based on their height and weight:

Height Weight Seat type More Information
Less than 125cm Less than 18kg Rear Facing Harness Britax
Less than 125cm 18 - 29kg Forward Facing Harness Britax
125 - 160cm 30 - 55kg Forward Facing Booster  

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