Lord of the Rings
South Island Campervan Itinerary

Plan your motorhome trip around Helm’s Deep, Edoras and Isengard.

There’s some good in this world Mr. Frodo — and it’s worth fighting for


When the decision was made to film the Lord of the Rings trilogy entirely in New Zealand, the secret was already out — that the country’s scenery was enchantingly beautiful.

More than two decades later, the buzz and excitement surrounding the film franchise locations and those of its subsequent prequels remain.

We’ve keenly researched this South Island LOTR itinerary and organised it in a way that works perfectly as a clockwise circumnavigation around the island — starting and ending your motorhome rental in Christchurch.

Lord of the Rings South Island filming locations await! So what are you waiting for? After all, a wizard is never late.


Itinerary highlights

  • Edoras
  • Pelennor Fields
  • Edoras to Helm’s Deep
  • Isengard
  • Anduin River
  • Fangorn Forest
  • Dead Marshes
  • Ered Nimrais
  • Dimrill Dale
  • Chetwood Forest
  • The One Ring


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