How Easy Is It to Drive a Wilderness Motorhome?


Wilderness motorhomes are ideal for those who are getting behind the wheel of a campervan for the first time. If you’re a relative rookie when it comes to driving RVs, we have your back.

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Motorhomes that drive like cars

Driving a motorhome in New Zealand

Even if you’ve never driven on the left-hand side of the road before, you’ll be able to travel New Zealand roads stress free in a Wilderness motorhome. They have built-in features like:

  • Comfortable, adjustable seats
  • Automatic transmission
  • Reversing cameras
  • Large wing mirrors

Super easy to drive, you’ll quickly feel at home behind the wheel.

If you’re new to driving in NZ, check out our comprehensive guide on driving a motorhome in New Zealand for the first time.

Adjustable cab seats for comfort on and off the road

RS19281_carado 25-lpr

The driver and passenger seats in the cab are super comfortable, and also adjustable to cater for different drivers. They fully adjust in all directions — so you can find your ideal position for an easy, relaxing drive.

These same quality captain’s seats will also swivel around to be used as dining room chairs after you park up for the day. Bonus.

Check out our comprehensive guide to motorhome camping in New Zealand which talks about the kinds of places you can park up.

Automatic transmission for effortless gear changing 

RS25931_Carado T459 MY2022 - Interior dash

What’s easier than passing through small town New Zealand in a manual vehicle? Cruising through it in an automatic, of course.

All our Wilderness motorhomes have an automatic transmission. The benefits of driving a large vehicle that’s automatic are:

  • Ease of use — there are only two pedals and no clutch 
  • Navigating traffic — especially when there’s a lot of stop-and-go
  • Shifting gears — this is quicker and smoother compared to a manual
  • Mileage — automatic motorhomes give better mileage per litre of fuel than manual transmission RVs
  • Hill starts — with no clutch involved, hill starts are a breeze.

If you’re not a fan of automatics, you can switch to manual mode to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Reversing camera for better visibility

Reversing camera Carado (1)

Back in the day, you would’ve needed a whole family standing at spot points around your RV to ensure you didn’t hit any hazards when reversing.

These days, every Wilderness motorhome has a reversing camera installed, with the video screen conveniently located in the cab’s centre console. All you need to do is put the vehicle into reverse and the image will display on the screen. You’ll be able to:

  • Get a pinpoint view of how much space you have to park into
  • See any pedestrians walking near your tail lights
  • Guide your motorhome between any obstacles when backing up

It’s still a smart idea to have a spotter out the back, complementing the camera and helping to guide you.


Large wing mirrors

Wilderness motorhomes also have large side view mirrors which, if used together with your reversing camera, increase your rear vision and perspective.

Be sure to utilise them when parking and while reversing into your campsite. Because they’re so big, they’ll help you gain an awareness of the height of your motorhome particularly when reversing.

Learn more about safe motorhome driving in New Zealand here.

Taking on gravel roads

Motorhome crusing through a forest gravel road

With Wilderness, you get the amazing experience of going wherever the road takes you — including on gravel (unpaved) roads. These roads are some of the most interesting in New Zealand.

Get lost in the moment and discover the best parts of NZ via roads less travelled. They often lead to remote lakes, high altitude ski fields or isolated trailheads. Wherever you go, you’ll find it easy to drive a Wilderness motorhome to get there.

All our Wilderness motorhomes have a low profile, making them easier to handle than the higher overcab types — which are renowned for body roll and feeling unstable when cornering.

Read about your insurance cover and responsibilities while travelling on New Zealand roads.


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