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Over 50s Guide to New Zealand Motorhome Holidays

Age is only a mindset — so get ready for your next adventure.

Are you young at heart and ready for your next extraordinary journey?

Perhaps it’s time to reminisce and bring back those younger, carefree days of travel adventure where the road ahead wasn’t mapped out until you were on it.

If you think of yourself as a grey nomad, a bronze pilgrim or a platinum roamer, this guide is for you. We’ve designed it with your demographic and general travel needs in mind — to help you plan a memorable motorhome road trip around New Zealand.

In this over 50s guide, we’ll cover:

  1. Choosing to travel New Zealand on a motorhome holiday

  2. The benefits of motorhome travel

  3. Driving a motorhome is easy

  4. Motorhome safety you can rely on

    • North Island travel distances

    • South Island travel distances

  5. Camping in a motorhome

  6. Finding your ideal motorhome

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