A New Zealand Campervan Fishing Holiday

Fishing is a word that is uttered on a daily basis in our house. Here we are in the middle of the New Zealand summer, and so far our family has fished from boats, dangled rods from rocks, surfcasted from beaches, tried baitcatching from wharves and even fished by long-line from a kayak.All in search of a delicious free dinner, a photo opportunity and the chance to be the envy of our friends (the fish was THIS big!).

New Zealand has a lot to offer in terms of a fishing holiday. With our thousands of kilometres of easily accessible coastline, there are many saltwater fishing opportunities – and you’ll find outstanding freshwater fishing in our plentiful and beautiful rivers and lakes. It’s quite possible and plausible to park your campervan next to a pristine lake, throw in your line and relax as you wait for your dinner to be hooked. You don’t even need to drive somewhere to cook it – you have a kitchen right there in your motorhome so you can virtually throw your fish straight into the pan!

If you like the sound of a New Zealand motorhome fishing holiday, make sure the motorhome you hire is suitable for wild camping – that is, it needs to be certified self-contained – not only for environmental reasons (you shouldn’t leave any waste behind when you move on to your next destination), but because self-contained campervans which are designed specifically for wild camping will allow you to stay in the wilderness without the need to ‘plug in’ to mains power for several days at a time. Just in case the elusive ‘big one’ takes more than a day to hook!

If you’re planning to go fishing during your New Zealand campervan holiday, another thing to look for in your rental motorhome is plenty of internal storage for your rods and tackle. A bathroom is also useful so you can hop straight into a warm shower after wading about in rivers or lakes – and a drying room in your campervan (yes, they do exist!) can be handy to help dry off your wetsuits, towels etc before your next fishing adventure. Compare campervan models

We’ve teamed up with nzfishing.com to offer Wilderness motorhome rental customers a great deal – when you book your motorhome with Wilderness, you’ll receive free copies of fishing e-travel guides from nzfishing.com – an invaluable resource to help you plan your fishing holiday. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your New Zealand campervan fishing holiday now! Find out more about the nzfishing.com deal

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