5 Tips for Travelling in New Zealand as a Retired Couple

Retirement is a wonderful and fulfilling time. After working hard, you can now put your feet up and make the most of doing the things you enjoy best - including planning that dream trip around New Zealand you’ve always wanted.

Travelling around New Zealand where you can explore one spectacular destination after another, is truly the trip of a lifetime. As a retired couple with the flexibility to travel when you like and to take your time along the way, you can create the perfect, and unique trip for yourselves.

In this blog we offer our top five tips to make travel in New Zealand as a retired couple easier. Find out how you can enjoy the best of what NZ has to offer, so you can start planning your holiday around our magical country.

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1. Plan Your Priorities

Work out your budget for the trip and what your priorities are. How long will you travel for? What are your must-dos? Consider what’s most important to you so you can make sure these things are included in your itinerary. This will help you create a trip that includes everything you want, without blowing the budget.

2. Look for Discounts

As a retired couple without a job to tie you down, you are free to travel during shoulder seasons when the tourist rush is over. Tour operators also often slash prices at the last minute to fill empty seats, so if you’re flexible there are all sorts of deals available. Discounts for senior fares on transport and activities are common in New Zealand, so it’s always worth checking for them.

3. Consider Value-Added Accommodation

Choosing a motorhome holiday removes the need to book accommodation and allows you to skip rental car costs. Travelling the country this way not only makes budgeting a breeze, it also allows you the freedom and flexibility to explore all of New Zealand’s hidden gems and get close to nature, without restrictions.

4. Research Your Destinations

New Zealand is a beautiful country with a reputation for being a place where travel is easy for everyone. Maybe you’re looking for a relaxed holiday, or perhaps one packed full of activities? Whatever you have in mind, it’s helpful to check ahead, to make sure your needs will be met.

People with mobility issues are generally well catered for at New Zealand tourist attractions and activities. Multi-storey visitor buildings such as Auckland Museum have lifts, and a number of top tourist attractions are wheelchair accessible including, Rotorua’s thermal resorts, Lake Taupo and Huka Falls, dolphin and whale watching in Kaikoura and Marlborough wine tours. If you’re on foot, make the most of benches available or if you’re travelling in a motorhome - your lounge, so you can sit down often to rest your feet and enjoy some people watching.

5. Be Flexible

When travelling as a retired couple, you can do things at your own pace and balance activities with relaxation. Travelling by motorhome through New Zealand’s stunning landscape, means you have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to planning your itinerary. Plan activities sparingly, such as one every second day to give yourself time to relax in between. Also consider where you want to eat each day and factor this into your travel time. If you’re motorhoming you have the option of cooking your own food in your accommodation, which cuts down on travel time and costs.

New Zealand has so much to offer, with incredible scenery and activities at every turn. Use our tips, created specifically for senior travellers, to help you start planning the ultimate New Zealand adventure in your golden years.New Call-to-action

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