Scenery and Surf - An Epic NZ Motorhome Tour


Avid surfer and scenic photographer Dylan Brayshaw showcases New Zealand's raw beauty as he travels throughout the South in a Wilderness motorhome. Read on for a recap of his adventure.

ScenERY and Surf - An Epic NZ Motorhome Tour

Written by guest blogger Dylan Brayshaw.

Touring my motorhome through the South Island of New Zealand was an incredible experience and should be on everyone's road trip travel bucket list.

Five years ago I traveled the South Island on a bicycle. This time I decided to do it in a bit more comfort. Travelling with surf boards and a mountain of photography and video equipment was easy with Wilderness.

2. surf-board-dunedin-car-park.jpg

We stopped at the popular destinations such as Mt Cook, Wanaka, Queenstown and Milford sound. These places are popular for good reason they are absolutely stunning.

3. lake-hawea-kidds-bush-road.jpg

I bought my camera and water housing along on this trip and put it to good use in Dunedin. Once we met up with local surfer named JC, we put on our thick wet suits and swam out for a surf session.

4. surfing-perfect-lineup-dunedin.jpg

The water was cold at around 10 degrees with an air temperature at 5 degrees. Luckily the sun was out which made it a little bit easier to jump in. We got some great waves and photos at two surf spots around Dunedin.

5. surf-peak-a-frame-dunedin.jpg

Combining my passion for surfing with my love of photography was a dream come true.

6. wilderness-motorhome-mt-cook-national-park0cffc147ec736937acfcff0000949d1d.jpg

New Zealand's landscapes never fail to impress.

7. milford-sound-stirling-falls.jpg

To me, travel is an essential part of living. I need to get away and discover my passions as often as I can. I hope you find some inspiration in this video I put together of my trip, enjoy!

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