South Island Adventure - Winter Road Trip by Campervan

With a 2 week itinerary on the cards, the South Island of New Zealand was the perfect getaway option to explore the open highways and get lost with only a camera in hand.

The scenic drive and picturesque coastline was a great excuse to put on the hiking boots and clock over 3000kms in the camper.

Snow capped mountains, rugged coastline and pristine lakes made the drive more then enjoyable, all though it was hard not to stop ever 5 minutes to capture the natural beauty of the area.
The Freestyle 2 motorhome / camper van offers the perfect accommodation for anyone wanting to exploring the open roads and sleep comfortably anywhere you wish to pull over. It was super, super cosy even in the snow!
Wilderness Motorhomes made our journey one to remember and I couldn’t think of a better way to explore NZ!” 

Here's some highlights from the road

Cheers, Jason Corroto
Instagram: @jasoncorrotophoto

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