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As soon as you book a motorhome holiday in New Zealand with Wilderness, you will experience the services of our unique Dreamliner team. They’re here to help you plan your adventure, to answer any questions you may have and to look after you from the moment you book until you return home. Their role is to streamline every aspect of your time with us - it’s just another way that we ensure you get the most out of your New Zealand motorhome holiday.

Tracey Serjeant has been part of the Dreamliner team since 2015 and says she loves being part of the planning process for guests’ trips. “I get to deal with people on holiday all year round. I get excited hearing how much they can't wait to arrive!” she laughs. “I help them with any questions they may have, as some people have never travelled in a motorhome before and can be a bit nervous. I also help anyone on the road with questions, queries or issues they may need assistance with. Whatever the problem, we do our utmost to get them sorted as soon as we possibly can.”

A special role

Tracey became a Dreamliner nearly three years ago after looking for a change from her job with an electrical inspection company. She wanted to do something she could be passionate about and being a proud Kiwi with a love of the outdoors and camping meant becoming a Dreamliner at Wilderness fit the bill perfectly. “It really helps me relate to our guests. We spend so much of our lives at our jobs, why not do something we love every day?”

Part of Tracey’s role is to advise guests who want to know more about where to go and what to see during their trip, and to answer any questions they might have about what to expect from New Zealand or from driving in a motorhome. “I think my role is fantastic for giving that one-on-one help when they need it. Having someone dedicated to that makes a huge difference. We also ensure we answer every single email we receive within 24 hours, which people really appreciate and it definitely assists them with all their planning.”

She says she loves being involved as visitors prepare for their time in New Zealand. “It is great to be able to share that excitement and if they haven't really grown up in a 'camping' environment, I assure them they will absolutely love it. It is such a great way to get away from all the technology that is constantly in our face, and just spend time with our friends and family.”

Tracey’s top tip

Pack for all weather!

“Whether you’re arriving in summer or in winter, pack for each end of that scale and everything in-between. We really can have four seasons in one day here in New Zealand. The weather may be sunny and warm in the morning, but it definitely does not mean it will be like that all day. The weather can change dramatically, and quickly. So always take a hat, sunblock (the sun is very strong here), and a jacket.

Also, slow down, take in the scenery, take breaks for a cuppa when you see a stunning view, and relax. Most of all, enjoy your motorhome adventure!”.

Tracey’s favourite motorhome spot

“I absolutely love the whole of Northland. If you make it right up to Cape Reinga there is a small camping area at Tapotupotu Beach, just a few minutes away from the lighthouse. You can camp right on the water and it is also close to the giant sand dunes you can slide down as well. Super fun! Northland is also a lot less busy than the rest of the North Island.”


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