The Ultimate South Island Road Trip Video

Elaine and Kaleb Jiminez have just sent us this awesome feedback and video from their recent NZ motorhome road trip. It was too good not to share...

On the first night of our hire, we decided to freedom camp to fully acquaint ourselves with our Cruise 4 motorhome, our home for the next 17 nights. SE1, a freedom camp location recommended by the WilderNessts guide was just outside of Christchurch, on an isolated pebblestone beach. When we arrived, we were the ONLY one's there.

As I began cooking dinner in our surprisingly comfortable and equipped kitchen, my husband Kaleb was outside star gazing. Kaleb poked his head inside our side door and said "you have to come out here." I stepped outside to see the most clear and brilliant sky, with the Milky Way clear as day just out our motorhome's side door. My eyes welled up with tears in utter amazement. I'd never seen that many stars in my life, and here they were shouting with brightness, for us alone and our little motorhome. It was at that moment I knew this would be a holiday unlike ANYTHING we have ever experienced.

For the remaining 17 nights we freedom camped every night with the exception of two locations! The majority of those nights, we were the only motorhome at each camp spot. We veared off the beaten path often, sticking closely to the advice of Scott Cook's NZ Frenzy Guide. We hiked steep mountains, walked long beaches, gazed at waterfalls, ran in the rain, and marveled at the beauty of New Zealand South Island.

Even with a few bumps in the road, this was THE most incredible vacation we have ever been on. We created this video over the weekend, shared it yesterday on our social media, and since then have had friends and family call, text, and email us nonstop throughout the morning about how incredible our trip was. We thank Wilderness Motorhomes from the bottom of our hearts for a spectacular vacation. Our Cruise 4 gave us the freedom to plan as we went, explore at our leisure, camp at the most remote places in the world, and soak up every wild adventure New Zealand has to offer. A special thanks to Tracy and Bonny for the absolutely INCREDIBLE support throughout our trip. Thank you Wilderness Motorhomes. We look forward to traveling with you again and we're sending everyone in the US your way!!!

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