North Island Fishing Road Trip Itinerary

Fishing hotspots in the north | Bay of Islands — Hauraki Gulf — Whitianga — Whakatāne — Gisborne — Lake Taupō — Wellington Harbour

Most of the world is covered by water so a fisherman's job is simple — pick out the best parts

Journey across New Zealand’s North Island with your casting line and waders in tow — ready to reel in remarkable new fishing memories.

A dream angling destination with abundant oceans, crystal clear lakes and lively rivers, Aotearoa New Zealand offers some of the best fishing experiences on Earth. This road trip itinerary focuses on the country’s most renowned fishing spots up north. 

From the game-rich waters of the Bay of Islands to trout-filled Lake Taupō, we highlight the finest watering holes for pulling up snapper, cod and everything in between.

Whether you decide to fish from chartered boats, dangle rods from rocks, surfcast from beaches, bait catch from wharves or longline from a kayak — a variety of seafood live in North Island waters.

But your motorhome adventure promises more than just a bountiful catch. It's a chance for you to indulge in the diverse natural beauty of New Zealand. So dust off your fishing rod, prepare your favourite sinkers, hooks and lures — and plan your epic North Island fishing expedition.



  • Bay of Islands — Northland
  • Hauraki Gulf — Auckland
  • Whitianga — Waikato
  • Whakatāne — Bay of Plenty
  • Gisborne — Gisborne
  • Lake Taupō — Waikato
  • Wellington Harbour — Wellington
North Island Fishing Itinerary thumbnail March 2024

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