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Private Motorhome Hire vs Rental Company: A Decision Guide

Should you hire a motorhome from a private owner or a rental company? Use our guide to make your decision-making easier.

One of the choices you can make when planning a motorhome trip is deciding whether to book a private motorhome rental or one from a rental company. This decision can make or break your trip so consider it carefully.

A visually engaging guide

There are many pros and cons to either option and your decision will likely vary based on your priorities, requirements and preferences. This motorhome hire comparison process can be daunting, so we made this guide as easy-to-digest as possible.

Whether you're new to motorhoming, or you've always been renting a private or commercial motorhome, and are considering to try the other side, we hope this visually engaging decision guide will help!⁣ ⁣