Road Trip from Auckland
New Zealand Full Circle Itinerary

21 days | Auckland - Christchurch - Auckland | Winter Wanderings Campervan Itinerary

Looking for a full-circle New Zealand itinerary? Motorhome expert, Jill Malcolm's itinerary is designed as a 3-week campervan road trip starting and ending your motorhome hire in Auckland.


Itinerary highlights:

"... New Zealand landscape is stunning at any time of the year but in winter exotic trees, naked without their foliage, are like shining skeletons. Snow, fog and bright sunsets lend a magic that’s harder to find under a harsh summer sun and the environment has a particular lure for photographers because textures, muted colours, slanting light and patterned clouds provide special effects.

Travelling in winter had worked for us. Despite some inclement weather and some bone-freezing temperatures my husband and I concluded we’d had a marvelous time ...”

road trip from Auckland campervan itinerary

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