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Why Choose Wilderness Motorhomes

At Wilderness, we put you the guest at the centre of everything we do. That’s the Wilderness Way. It’s not just about our high end motorhomes (although we know you’ll love those) but it’s also about the care we show you and everything we do to enable you to collect your own remarkable moments. When you book your holiday with Wilderness, you can be sure:

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You’ll get a motorhome that was designed to be owned, not to be rented.

We're one of the very few rental providers in New Zealand that offer a range of premium motorhomes. The motorhomes in our rental fleet are the same makes and models that we sell to Kiwis who are looking for that comfortable, luxury-feel, modern stylish set of wheels to explore their homeland. 

Our motorhomes are a cut above the average rental vehicle because we want you to be able to explore New Zealand in the same style and comfort that discerning Kiwis who own their motorhomes are used to.