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Happy Valentines Day. Ironically, as I write this on the evening of Valentines Day, my husband is at work and I’m home having dinner by myself and blogging!

I’ve been keeping an eye on all the romantic discussions happening on Facebook between my family and friends today. Several of my friends have recently gotten engaged, and are in the throes of planning weddings and honeymoons. I’m fielding lots of questions about New Zealand campervan honeymoons from my overseas friends. In my experience, a New Zealand campervan rental holiday is one of the best and most memorable honeymoons you could have.

Reasons why a New Zealand campervan rental holiday makes a great honeymoon

Seclusion – who wants to spend the first few days of married life in a hotel with hundreds of other people? In a campervan, you can get away from it all and have total solitude, particularly if you’re planning on wild camping.

Independence – group tours and honeymoons just don’t go together! On a campervan holiday, you have complete freedom to change your itinerary whenever you like or make it up as you go along.

Photo opportunities – you’re trim, tanned and in the best shape of your life following your big day. Make sure you get some gorgeous scenery to look fabulous in the photos with you. How about stunning alpine vistas, tranquil lakes, mountains clad in ancient forest or geothermal marvels? They make beach resorts look simply boring.

Private dining – when you’re just married, the last thing you feel like doing is sharing your dining experience with lots of other diners at a resort or hotel. On a campervan holiday you can dine privately, just the two of you, alfresco or in the comfort of your motorhome.

Luxury – campervan rental holidays are a far cry from camping in a tent. You can hire a motorhome with all the modern conveniences you would find in a hotel, including large, luxurious beds, ensuite bathrooms and state-of-the-art entertainment systems – yet unlike a hotel, you can have a different view every day if you choose.

Sadly, I didn’t experience a campervan honeymoon myself – in fact, we didn’t really have a honeymoon at all – we got married over Easter and were due back at work the following week. So I’ll have to talk the husband into taking a belated honeymoon by campervan. I look forward to writing about that!

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