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When you’re looking to experience the best and most exciting attractions on your New Zealand holiday of a lifetime, make sure you know all the great spots to head to during your motorhome adventure.Our spectacular country is famous for its exciting and impressive destinations. Whether you’re after a dash of adrenaline-charged fun or you want your Snapchat story to be the envy of your friends, we’ll show you where to go in our holiday inspiration guide “Be Here With Wilderness: 10 Ultimate New Zealand Motorhome Holiday Themes”.

In our guide we’ve gathered our customers’ best-loved destinations to inspire your New Zealand trip. Each of the ten sections of our guide focus on a special New Zealand motorhome holiday theme, letting you choose the experience that best suits you and the type of holiday you want to enjoy.

In this blog, we look at two of these holiday themes: ‘Speed it up’ and ‘Impress (My Friends)’.

One of the great advantages of a motorhome journey around New Zealand, is that you’re in control. You can focus on following a particular holiday theme or mix and match. When you know all of the attractive options the choice is entirely yours.

Speed it Up

For this holiday theme, we mix fun with adventure as we focus on turning things up a notch. This theme is full of opportunities to create thrilling memories in breathtaking locations by experiencing New Zealand to its fullest.

The adventures have been chosen with a traveller in mind who wants to experience a boost of adrenaline, but just enough to feel alive.

Take a zip-line ride through the tree-tops, mountain bike on world class trails, take a spin in a jet boat, parasail over glacial lakes or kayak the pacific waves – wherever you seek your thrills, we have an exciting day-adventure in mind for you!

Impress (My Friends)

This holiday theme is filled with impressive New Zealand locations and experiences that you’ll just have to capture and post online. Impress your friends and make them wish they were there with you while you’re having a blast.

Capture the view during a tandem paraglide, get an Instagram snap in your skydiving suit after an unforgettable glacial dive, or post a selfie of your glowing smile after a day of swimming with dolphins.

Read More in Our New Guide

Both of these holiday themes are great for travellers wanting a truly memorable and photo-worthy trip with a uniquely exciting New Zealand flavour.

Our destinations and activities are grouped into themes so you can focus on a particular experience, but there is nothing stopping you from combining the adventures and picking the spots that really appeal to you on your New Zealand motorhome journey. Have the holiday of a lifetime in your Wilderness motorhome and let the adventure begin.

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