Inside Tours: Ranger 4 and Peak 4 Campervans


Looking for room on the road and a cosy motorhome for Winter travel? Wilderness Motorhomes has a range of campervans to suit your needs, whether it’s you and your partner wanting space to spread out, or you’ve got the kids along for the ride.

Take a tour of the Ranger 4 from Wilderness Motorhomes with Radley and Dave.

Inside tour Ranger 4 motorhome

All our vehicles also have double-glazed windows and insulation, ensuring that you stay warm and get the best experience whilst exploring New Zealand during the coldest months of the year.

Aussie mates (and keen photographers) Radley White and Dave Wilcock travelled in the Ranger 4 and found they each had plenty of room thanks to the French bed in the rear and drop down double bed up the front. They stowed heaps of gear in the boot and loved how warm the Ranger 4 kept them as they explored a wintry South Island.

Unsure of what motorhome to choose?

The Peak 4 is a great choice if you’re travelling with kids or a group of friends as it has three different bed configurations: a drop down double bed over the dining area, plus two singles in the rear that can convert to a super king size bed. 

See inside the Peak 4 with Dylan Brayshaw.

Inside tour of the Peak 4 motorhome

At 6 foot 4, Dylan opted for the super king! He also loved how the bathroom functioned as a drying room (very handy in cold weather) and the practical kitchen. Photographer Dylan Brayshaw did a solo trip in a Peak 4 (one of the longest in the Wilderness fleet at 7.4m) so had a huge amount of storage space for all his equipment. 

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