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We know driving a vehicle much larger than your everyday car can be intimidating, but there’s no cause for worry – we’ve pulled out all the stops to help you manoeuver your campervan with efficiency and ease.The drivability of our motorhomes

Wilderness motorhome rentals are available in an array of sizes, from 5.9 - 7.4 meters in length. The shorter campervans are more manoeuverable, whereas the longer motorhomes have a lot more internal space – it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Make sure you choose a vehicle that suits the amount of people your travelling with, and remember, all passengers in a motorhome are required to wear a seatbelt under New Zealand law. Our 4 or 5 berth motorhomes all have the same amount of seatbelts as the number of berths, so you’re covered there. If you need a little help selecting the right vehicle for you, you can review our guide on how to choose the right motorhome.

If internal space is important to you and you opt for a larger model, it will require a little bit more practice to get to know the tricks to drive like you would at home. Knowing this, we’ve made sure that your transition from car to motorhome will be a breeze by including a number of helpful tools in all of our campers.

Reversing camera and other features

We offer a range of different motorhome rentals to cover all requirements. There are some key elements that are consistent too. All of our motorhomes are 1 to 4 years old, have an
automatic transmission and a maximum mileage of 300,000km. They are lightweight and therefore easy to turn, with high performing turbo diesel engines.

The reversing camera in each of our motorhomes allows every driver to skillfully manoeuver the vehicle and park confidently. This camera, used along with side and rear view mirrors, gives you a full view of the rear and sides of your camper, making driving, reversing and parking a cinch.

We know a long travel day can take a toll on your neck and shoulders from having to keep a constant tight grip on the steering wheel. Our motorhomes are adorned with all the added features of a modern European vehicle where you can literally steer with just a finger, and the wheel is always looking to centre itself after you make a turn in order to keep your camper traveling straight and safely. These features, along with ABS, airbags and the reversing camera, ensure every driver who chooses a Wilderness motorhome feels confident and comfortable behind the wheel.

Dedicated parking spaces

In New Zealand, we’re aware that tourists and locals alike desire to see our magnificent country up close and personal from their camper. This is why most supermarkets, tourist spots and some local amenities provide specialty parking for larger vehicles. These parking zones are longer and wider than normal car parks, making it much easier for you to glide in and park without worry.

Campervan parking sign

If the camper you’ve hired is 6.5 metres or less, you will be able to fit into a standard car park space.

Tip: Take note of the height of your motorhome rental. If the parking space is undercover, you may need to park outside due to height restrictions. Our motorhome specification chart details heights of our vehicles so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Driving on New Zealand roads

In New Zealand, we observe a number of road rules to keep our drivers safe. This makes driving here comfortable, our drivers reliable, and travelling for foreigners easier. Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Like the UK and Australia, New Zealanders drive on the left-hand side of the road. If you’re used to driving on the right-hand side, be sure to practice in a less populated place until you’re comfortable driving on the open road.
  • Don’t feel pressured to go faster than you feel comfortable. If you’re holding up traffic, simply pull over into the nearest passing bay or rest stop and let other cars pass.
  • Speed limit signs will be shown countless times throughout your journey. Exercise caution – the roads can be slippery and incalculable. Stay within the speed limit for your vehicle. If you begin to feel tired, pull over at the nearest rest stop (New Zealand roads are populated with them) and have a break from driving, after all, that’s what they’re there for.
  • As mentioned above, all passengers are required to wear a seatbelt under New Zealand law – make sure your vehicle has enough seats and seat belts for everyone in your group (our motorhomes will always have enough seatbelts for the designated berths)
  • If someone is holding you up in traffic, only pass when there is a passing lane or you’re sure it’s safe to do so. Never pass a solid yellow line on your side of the centre line. If you’re unsure, review our passing road rules before you drive.
  • Drive to the conditions. Reduce your speed until you feel comfortable driving in rain or ice.
  • Pull over to a rest stop to make a call or send a text message – using your phone while driving in 
New Zealand is illegal.
  • Driving under the influence of any alcohol or drugs is illegal in New Zealand. Please drive 
responsibly to keep yourself, your family, and other road users safe.

We strive to make your stay fun, safe, and worthwhile. If you have a particular question regarding the use of your motorhome rental in New Zealand, visit our extensive FAQ page or get in touch with a member of our accommodating team.Motorhome Selector Tool

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