The Best New Zealand Guidebook for your Campervan Holiday

We received an email lately regarding the “NZ Frenzy” guidebooks. These awesome guidebooks are written by Friend of Wilderness and Intrepid Traveller Scott Cook.Scott is an American travel writer who knows New Zealand like the back of his hand. We’re very proud to say that he is a valued partner of Wilderness Motorhomes.

Back to the email. It was written by an American couple who hired a campervan in New Zealand recently, and this is what it said.

Feedback on the NZ Frenzy Travel Guidebook

“What can I say – the book “NZ Frenzy” (South Island) really made our month trip to the South Island great!

A month before we left, a friend (she had gone there for two weeks) sent me a copy and said “at first, I thought this was a quirky little book, but after I got back, I wished I would have used it more,” and I immediately bought a copy on Amazon.  Since this was our first trip to New Zealand, I fear we would have fallen prey and only gone to all the tourist stuff without it. Being from Colorado and loving the outdoors and adventure, it was the perfect book for us. Although some of the places are listed in other guidebooks, there is no way of telling what is truly spectacular and the other books don’t have the MUST SEE and GO HERE emphasis that we liked so much that this book has. When you’re driving, you read something and you wonder whether it’s worth it, and then you read it again and when the book said don’t miss this, do this, go here , it often convinced us and we’re glad it did.

Actually after going where it sent us the first few times, we began to say to each other “Listen to Scott” and “Scott’s the Man”.

We ended up doing 29 of the adventures in the book. I really complement Scott on the job he did, the colloquial style is so refreshing and needed in a guidebook. It is too bad the books aren’t carried in more places. We did find it in Bivouac in Dunedin and my wife felt it her role to hype it to both the clerks there as well as the customers.”

NZ Frenzy Guidebook FREE when you hire a Wilderness Motorhome

Wow such great feedback just makes you want to go out and buy the book to help you plan your New Zealand campervan rental holiday, doesn’t it? Well, the good news is you don’t have to. When you rent a campervan from Wilderness Motorhomes, we give you a FREE downloadable copy of the NZ Frenzy guidebook! You'll find it invaluable when you're planning your New Zealand campervan rental holiday. You won’t get this from any other campervan rental company. It’s just another one of the little extras that sets Wilderness apart from the rest!

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