Helix 2

A clever compromise between space and drivability, our Helix 2 is just a bit shorter in length than your average motorhome. This gives you more options for navigating tighter areas and for parking (since it will fit into a standard space). It also has less of a learning curve for drivers who aren’t used to operating larger vehicles, making it a good fit for newer motorhome drivers. (Good things really do come in small packages!)

Hire our Helix 2 for your next adventure, and you’ll travel in comfort and style.

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  • Number of People 2 people
  • Bed Layout Double
  • bathroom Combined bathroom...
  • Motorhome Length 5.9m
  • icon-central-heating Central Heating
  • icon-home-essentials Home Essentials

Interior Layout

The interior of our Helix 2 features what’s known as a “French” bed, that is situated in the corner of the cabin to maximise liveable space. Having this style of bed instead of an island bed (one that’s situated in the middle and accessible from both sides) allows you to have a ready-made, fuss-free double bed while still maintaining the overall compactness of the motorhome. This model also features a combined toilet and shower to save even more space to stretch your legs after a long day of adventuring.

Every Wilderness motorhome is a premium German designed and manufactured vehicle suitable for travel in all seasons. Every motorhome has insulation, heating, air conditioned cabs, roof vents and latchable windows with insect screens.

Helix 2 - Interior #1
Helix 2 - Interior #2

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