Time Saving Tips and Tricks For a Fuss-Free Motorhome Holiday

If this is your first time renting or using a motorhome in New Zealand, you might feel a little daunted at the prospect of what you need to know and do.Perhaps you’ve been searching the Internet, looking for helpful information and advice to aid your upcoming adventure. Well, look no further.

We’ve compiled our most helpful hints and insider tips for getting on the road with least fuss and stress. Whether you’re a complete novice, or a campervan expert, you can use these tips to get the most out of your motorhome holiday by saving time along the way.

1. Store your items in a logical order

Packing up is a breeze when you don’t have to pack everything up. Keep bigger equipment like your camping table and chairs and BBQ gear in the garage of your motorhome (and make sure it’s locked), so they’re easy to access and pack away when you’re getting ready to travel to your next destination. Be sure to pack the equipment you use less often in first so you’re not constantly reshuffling your gear around to access what you need.

Camping gear and belongings stored in the garage of a motorhome rental

2. Check it off

Create a checklist of everything you need to have done before moving to your next campground or stop. You don’t want to be worrying if you’ve forgotten anything while on the way. This will also get you into a routine and before you know it, all the ‘road-ready’ activities will be habits you can execute with ease.

We know how useful this is, so we have a ‘start checks’ sticker on the windscreen of your Wilderness motorhome, including everything you need to do like putting the power cable away, turning the gas bottle off, and checking the vents are down and all furniture is secured. As you pull out of your campsite, make sure you do one last scan around your area to make sure you’ve collected all rubbish and you’re leaving nothing behind.

3. Planning is key

A free-spirited and spontaneous trip may sound like fun, but planning your motorhome holiday, even a little bit, is essential to a problem free campervan experience. Hitting the road with purpose and a clear destination in mind will save you a lot of time on decision-making and last minute detours. During summer it can be difficult to find space at popular campsites so pre-booking sites will ensure you have a place to legally stay overnight. We have more information about camping in New Zealand, and be sure to read up on how to make the most of freedom camping in New Zealand.

Wilderness motorhome parked at Fletcher Bay, New Zealand

You can also make the most of our Wilderness app, which is available in the Apple Store and Google Play in order to plan where to fill up on fuel, along with refilling water and dumping your grey water – ideally you’ll plan for this to happen all around the same location to save time on these necessary chores.

4. Meals and snacks

Make sure you pack easy to reach and eat snacks ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stops to refuel your bellies. A few local favourites are trail mix in a Ziploc bag (almonds, cashews, peanuts, raisins, dried fruit and dark chocolate), freshly picked Gala Apples or berries – available along many main roads in summer, and vegetable chips (kumara aka sweet potato, carrot, parsnips and beetroot).

You can also minimise time spent in supermarkets by planning a few meals in advance. Stock up your pantry with all the basics with our guide to food shopping, and if you’re lacking in inspiration we’ve got you covered with our fuss-free yet delicious recipes for expert camper cooking. Getting to know what works in your camper when it comes to cooking will save you time and money so you can be present for all the good stuff – like having a beer or wine in hand while you take in one of our infamous sunsets.

Sandwiches and fruit on the dining table of your Wilderness motorhome

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5. Strategise your bathroom use

It may sound like something quite insignificant, but trust us, it can make quite a difference to saving time – and that’s alternating when you shower. If everyone in your group showers in the morning, it can eat up a large chunk at the start of your day. Instead, experiment with dividing up the ablutions time between morning and evening to ensure you get can out and explore the best part of the day.

Just these five tips alone will revolutionise how you spend your time, and as you know, time is so precious when making the most of your New Zealand dream holiday.

New to renting a motorhome? Read our insider tips to make life a breeze in your campervan trip across New Zealand. If you have any questions you’d like answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Motorhome Selector Tool

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