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We all know the power of word of mouth and how this can affect a company’s reputation and success, and the campervan hire industry in New Zealand is no exception.At Wilderness Motorhomes, we’re very aware that the majority of our customers come to us through referrals – that is, they’re heard about us through recommendations from friends or family (our second-highest source of rental customers is repeat business – people coming back for more!).This makes referrals a very powerful marketing tool for us, and that’s why, rather than allocating a huge marketing budget to flashy advertising, we prefer to channel our resources into outstanding customer service to make sure our customers are happy, and will say nice things about us.

If you’re considering a campervan hire in New Zealand, we encourage you to do your research. Talk to people who’ve been here and done that. Most people are only too happy to share their travel stories, and you’ll quickly learn which campervan rental companies are reputable and which are best avoided. You can ask the advice of travel agents, though be wary that many will recommend campervan rental companies who are paying them a commission. Talk to your friends, or friends of friends, who have experienced a campervan or motorhome rental holiday in New Zealand. They’ll be able to tell you not only about their own holiday and their personal campervan experience, but their observations of others during their travels. One of the good things about travelling by campervan is that you’ll find other campervanners very friendly, and they all love to compare one vehicle to another and share stories and advice.


If you don’t know anyone to ask personally, never fear - you’ll find a wealth of information on the internet, from forums and blogs to travel review sites which offer ‘warts and all’ opinions and holiday ratings. One of the most popular travel review sites is Tripadvisor. Although Tripadvisor doesn’t have a specific category for campervans and motorhomes, something we hope they change at some point, it does have travel forums such as ‘New Zealand Travel Forum’ and ‘New Zealand Campervan Hire’. You can also post your own question or ask for advice on which campervan rentals are best, and other Tripadvisor users will respond.

The best-known New Zealand travel review site is Rankers. This website features (at the time of writing) over 37,000 independent travel reviews of New Zealand tourism operators and attractions, including the top voted motorhomes/campervans/RV companies in New Zealand. A word of advice: be wary of companies with very few reviews. There are many small ‘backyard’ campervan companies in New Zealand who cannot offer the same level of support and service as the larger companies. And a company which has hundreds of positive reviews is clearly preferably to one which has only ten or twenty.

Finally – after your trip, don't forget to post your own feedback. Particularly if you've enjoyed your New Zealand holiday, posting a positive review is a great way to thank the companies and provide valuable advice to future travellers.

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