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Deciding to tour New Zealand in a motorhome may have been an easy choice – the landscape is absolutely stunning and as a bonus, we speak English! Or do we?Photo credit: Fruit and veggie section at New World © New World

Just in case you haven’t done your homework, here are a few words we think may come in handy, especially on your visit to the supermarket.

kai = food

brekkie = breakfast

dairy = corner store

petrol station = gas station

At the supermarket

capsicum = bell pepper / sweet pepper
kumara = sweet potato

beetroot = red beet

courgette = zucchini
spring onions = green onions

coriander = cilantro

beef patty / burger patty = salisbury steak

mince = ground beef

rocket = arugula

crayfish = lobster

paua = abalone

biscuit = cookie

jelly = jello

jam = jelly

soft drink / fizzy drink = soda

chocolate fish = chocolate covered marshmallow, shaped like a fish
hot chips = fries
chips = crisps

Would you like a cuppa? = Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?

So yes, as Kiwis we do speak English, however, it may take a little bit of time to get your head around what we’re trying to say. We like DIY, BBQ’s, keeping our beautiful country clean by reducing, reusing and recycling our waste (RRR), and acronyms.

Speaking of recycling, here is a great idea for camper breakfasts that reuse any ziploc (resealable) bags you may have used to store your loose cereal, rice or pasta during your motorhome journey.

Family camper breakfast recipes

Omelettes à la Ziploc


Eggs (2 per person)

Grated cheese

Canned whole tomatoes, roughly chopped

Packet of ham, chopped 

Capsicum of any colour, chopped (see above for translation)

Ziploc omelettes are even easier than you’d think and are a great recipe for using up the last of your supplies. You can add any other ingredients you like for a delicious breakfast.

Things you’ll need

One pot, size depending on how many people you’re cooking for

Water to boil

One Ziploc bag for each person (use bags that have only been used for dry foods like cereals, rice or pasta)


  1. Bring water to boil. Make sure your pot is big enough to fit everyone’s Ziploc bags
  2. Supply each person with a Ziploc bag and 2 eggs. Write names on bags
  3. Lay out all ingredients on the table for people to pick and choose. Each person puts together an omelette creation in their Ziploc bag. Example: 2 eggs, a handful of cheese, capsicum and ham
  4. Tightly zip the bag and ‘mix’ by squeezing and squashing the bag of ingredients together
  5. Place Ziploc bag omelettes into boiling water for 14 minutes

Voilà! Omelettes for everyone! 

Pancakes à la Ziploc (for now or later)

Another breakfast option to reuse Ziploc bags comes in the form of Ziploc pancakes. Read on for a perfect sweet alternative to an omelette.

A camper breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs


One box of pancake mix, available in supermarkets (or a bottle of pancake mix, which makes more pancakes)
Any toppings you like (banana and bacon, berries and cream, maple syrup)
Butter or oil to cook with

Things you’ll need

Bowl to mix pancake batter 

Pan for cooking pancakes 

Ziploc bags


  1. Prepare the pancake mix as directed 
on the box
  2. Spoon the batter into the Ziploc bags and once 3/4 full, snip the end off with scissors for easy pouring into the 
  3. Squeeze the mix into an oiled or buttered pan and follow the cooking instructions on the box
  4. Add your toppings

Alternatively, do not snip the end and store in the freezer for when you’re ready for pancakes again. This makes an easy and quick breakfast option for next time while reusing your empty Ziploc bags.

Enjoy your breakfast al fresco in the summer sun, or stay warm and cosy during winter in your Wilderness Motorhome rental.

For more motorhome hints and interesting travel stories, visit our blog. If you have any questions you’d like answered, our helpful Wilderness staff are more than happy to accommodate. Please get in touch.

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